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The app that helps you choose the best products for your health.


Simple Features

Nothing complicated. Only necessary.


Kawi makes a overview of the products you've scanned. You visualize very simply the distribution of your products according to their impact on health.


Kawi shows you the history of scanned products. You identify the impact of each product on health very quickly via a simple color code.

Product details

Kawi explains the evaluation of each product in a product sheet. This gives you access to the details of the product's composition to understand its evaluation.


For all mediocre or bad products that you have scanned, Kawi suggest you products of better quality that other users of Kawi have scanned.

Products evaluation

An independent evaluation based on 3 criteria

70 % - Nutritional quality

70% of the evaluation is based on nutritional quality. Kawi takes into account the amount of energy, saturated fats, sugars, salt, fruits and vegetables and nuts, fiber and protein of the product. The calculation method is based on the Nutriscore recommanded by the Food Standard Agency in UK and also used in France. Learn more


20 % - Bad additives

20% of the evaluation is based on the presence of bad additives in the product. Kawi refer to many scientific sources that have studied the dangerousness of food additives.


10 % - Organic food

10% of the evaluation is based on the organic dimension of the product. Products considered organic are those with an organic label such as french "Bio" label (AB) or the canadian organic label (Canada Organic)

What reviews are saying

Members reviews

It's quick to scan. It's quick see product evaluation. Nice ! Just nice !


Kawi is great, useful and functional. I love this app It allows me to eat healthy , good and balanced. I recommend it around me.


I find this app amazing and of unprecedented utility! Really great !


I am ULTRA FAN of the app ! I was spending a lot of time analyzing the labels : now I'm scanning .


How to get the app?

Just download the app from the store corresponding to your Smartphone by touching one of the icons below.